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Our sites are custom made by our team without the use of templates.

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We build around profitable niches and their respective keywords.

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Our sites come with FREE HOSTING for life! We are serious.

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WordPress CMS allows for complete control even for the investor with no tech skills.

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We only build sites that serve current profitable niches.

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We use stock photos and images completely royalty free.

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For Example...

Say you bought a website from us that sold social media management services. 

You could sell these services for $300/month per client.  The work will be done by a supplier (already provided for you) who may charge you $100/month.

You would make $200 profit/month from each customer for driving traffic and sending emails!

It's kind of like digital dropshipping.

The sites we sell are starter-sites that can get you started in the online market.  This allows you to begin working on another income stream and a potential cash cow.

Digital services are high in demand! This trend is not going to change either as the global marketplace becomes more web-based.

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Whiteboard Explainer Video Creation

Sell services to businesses and digital marketers that provide whiteboard explainer videos.  This market is huge as video marketing is booming as opposed to simple text.

Web Design

Invest in a business that provides web design services to people looking to be set up with a website or have their existing website optimized.  This could be local businesses, entrepreneurs, start ups, etc.

Web Traffic Provider

Website traffic is one of the statistics that search engines look for to determine a website's rank in the search results.  Purchase a website from us that provides the service of sending traffic to a buyer's website so that they can be supported in search engine results.

Virtual Assistants

Many people are looking to online platforms to find virtual assistants to help them run their online business or even support them in mundane tasks.  Possibly start a website business with our help that provides virtual assistants to those in need.


Search engine optimization is HUGE these days!  Invest in an online business model that provides SEO serives to businesses, bloggers, entrpreneurs, or anyone who has a website that needs to rank on the first page.  This market is HOT!

Resume Services

Finding a job is hard enough.  Many need serious help with getting their resume in order so they can simply begin the difficult task.  Buy a website from us that provides resume creation services to those in need.

Mobile App Development

Interested in the mobile application market?  There are many developers out there who can create amazing mobile applications.  Invest in a website with us that probides mobile application development to those in need.

Email Marketing Services

A major part of online business these days is email marketing.  Many people are unfamiliar with what exactly is involved in email marketing, or simply don't want to be bothered with the menial tasks.  You can sell the services regarding this needed aspect of businesses!

And Many More...

Use the chat box in the bottom right to contact us about the available sites already created and ready to go.  If you have any other questions, please let us know!

Hosting Registrars Can Charge Over $300/Year

All Websites Purchased From Digital Business Host Come With Free Hosting For Life.  A Valuable Upfront Investment Secures You Huge Savings In The Future.

Possible Sites Include:


Web Design


App Design


Social Media


Digital Marketing


Graphics Design




Virtual Assistant


Video Production




And More ...

Happy Clients

What People Have Said...

There is so much confusion on how to make money online these days…so much noise. I didn’t even know where to start and was lucky enough to have been referred by a friend who has 3 websites and has now quit his full time job to focus on growing his reseller business.

I have a site in my area of interest and I can even provide some of the services myself…but I have decided to use the 2 suppliers on a full time basis and concentrate on driving traffic to the site because it give such a great return on investment and profit margin.

Johnny Cable

London . UK

I have been looking for a second income for some time now and this has really surpassed my expectations..I didn’t realise how easy it can be to run a business where everything is outsourced. My supplier is quick and experienced having delivered the same service to thousands of customers time and time again.

I still have a lot of time on my hands even though I am a mother of 2. I plan to purchase more reseller websites and market them using facebook as I have learnt a lot from the marketing materials and am fully confident with driving traffic now.

Silvia Lopez

Wellington . New Zealand

My site is This is such a simple format. I have used the Marketing Plan provided with the and it works very well on Social Media. The delivery was fast and the advice and after sales service has been excellent.. Better still my site is returning a profit of $315 per sale and some days I do multiple sales..It feels like if I can get this right, the sky is the limit..I have already bought a second site and plan to run 4 sites full time.

One of the sites I am looking at returns $59 per sale but I think it has potential to go viral and do hundreds of sales per week..I also have developed some ideas about my own niches which I can also develop soon.

John Turner

Boston . Massachusetts






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